Grooming Services

The Full Groom:
Includes bath and brush, nail trim, ear clean, anal glands (if needed), a haircut of your choice, and sanitary area cleanup.
Size Short Hair Long Hair
X-Small (>6lbs) SH Chihuahua/ Dachshund
Yorkie / Pomeranian / LH Chihuahua
Small (>20lbs) Pug / French Bulldog / English bulldog
Schnauzer / Mini poodle / Shih Tzu
Medium Beagle / Basset hound
Sheltie / Cockapoo / Samoyed / American cocker spaniel
Large Labrador / Boxer / German Shepard
Golden retriever / Husky / Border collie / Standard poodle
X- Large   (80lbs+) Great Dane / St. Bernard
Leon burger
Cats $50 $60 for a cut


Teeth brushing +$10
Difficult dog charge: +$15
Nail trim with no full groom $15 (dogs)
Nail trim with no full groom $12
Last-minute cancellation fee $12

We offer sedation grooming for your pet:
Perfect for anxious, aggressive, or difficult cats or dogs. Giving them a safe and relaxing experience. Please call our office for more information.

Multiple dog discount when booking more than one dog on the same day. $5 for each large dog or $3 for each small dog.